5 Reasons to visit Medjimurje

Croatia’s northernmost region, Medjimurje, features a wide array of experiences and beauty. Previously unknown to me before this trip, Medjimurje’s at home feel and charming people make it a lovely place to visit off the main tourist path. 


1. Trakoscan Castle

Ok admittedly, the Trakoscan Castle is in the county before Medjimurje, but it makes for a great stop if you are traveling up to Medjimurje from Zagreb. The castle dates back to the 13th century and was built on top of a very isolated hill, giving it a tactful advantage against intruders. The castle costs about 120kn to tour and remains in good condition after many restorations. Having changed hands many times, the decor inside reflects that of several different time periods. Knight’s armor is displayed in one room, showing not only the way that battles were fought but also that the men were very short. The most interesting part, at least for me, was seeing the very short beds in the castle. On top of the people living their being on the shorter side, they believed that laying all the way down was for the dead, so pillows were used to keep the sleeping propped up. The castle also hosts a collection of early photographs and weapons.

2. Neat-ure areas

The Mura and Drava rivers flow through the region Medjimurje making for some stunning nature areas and parks. The Mura Drava regional park is a relaxed park on the Mura river and has various outdoor activities and trails.

3. Local History

Medjimurje boasts a rich local history as well. The first oil well in the world was discovered here in 1858, one year before in Pennsylvania. In the city of Cakovec, there is a memorial for a destroyed synagogue that was destroyed during WWII. One of the more romantic local gems is a fallen tree in the local park that all the couples married in the park have a picture in front of, including our tour guide.

4. “Wait, are we in Slovenia?”

The question, “wait are in Slovenia?” was among the most common asked in our driving tour of Medjimurje. We drove out to the border but didn’t cross, and went up to this hill top where you in three direction you could see three countries expanded along the horizon. Croatia’s Medjimurje borders Slovenia and Hungary

5. Nothing to wine about 

Medjimurje is known for it’s wine. It is one of the top three regions in the world for Sauvignon Blanc and has more than 30 places to try wine. Wine tasting, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to get to know locals and experience a bit more of the local culture and cuisine. The beautiful rolling hills and vineyards in Medjimurje make not only for a picture perfect landscape, but a wonderful view while tasting wine.


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