5 Things to Know Croatia’s Stone Mason School

Located on the island Brač, Klesarka Škola is the stonemason school of Croatia. Founded in January of 1909, rock has been carved and excavated on Brač and shipped around the world. Klesarka Škola is located right on the sea in Pučišća, and many people stop by to watch students work with and create beautiful pieces of art from stone. It is a trade that is local to Croatia and holds a long history in Europe, so while it might seem weird to visit a school where people carve stone on vacation, it really is worth the visit.  


  1. Last existing Stone Masonry in Croatia

While the trade used to be very popular, funding for schools like this have diminished and so has the number of applicants. These students show their works throughout Europe, but the number of people applying to this program are dwindling. The school remains in beautiful condition, but this Croatian tradition is threatened by the decreasing funding.


2. “Croatian brend”

On a tour of Split one of the things our tour guide emphasized was that the stone from Brač could be found at the White House and has been shipped all over the world including the Parliament building in Budapest and locally at the Diocletian Palace in Split. In fact, our group had more than a few people boast that a piece of Croatia can be found right home in the United States.


3. Every move counts

Once the stone is carved and brought to the school, students begin preparing the rock for their projects and carving, however, if a mistake is made, that entire rock is ruined and must be thrown out. No pressure, right?DSC_0884DSC_0922

4. Students during the year and workshops during the summer

The school system at Klesarka Škola is very similar to that in the United States. Their school year lines up very closely to our fall and spring semesters, leaving the summer free. The doors to the work rooms are open, letting visitors peek inside at the work being done. During the summer while the students are away, people can actually take workshops and classes there, and if you are lucky, they’ll tell you want they are up to and maybe let you take a swing at the stone.


5. Learn something new

The biggest reason that I travel is to learn. Whether it be the history of the area that I’m in or the local food of the area, I feel as though the purpose of travel is to go outside my comfort zone and experience something I haven’t yet. Before this trip, I knew exactly nothing about how stone was carved, let alone have the chance to watch people do it. This is an experience unique to Brač that offers something new and a little different.





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